I met Dr. Paul Whatling at a lunch & learn session held in our office. At that time I had been suffering with long term pain for over 5 years (radiculopathy in my neck radiating down my arms into my hands). I had purposefully stayed away from Chiropractic assistance based on fear. Upon meeting Dr. Paul he felt sure he could at least alleviate some of my issues and provide me a better sense of well being. Here we are 2 years later and I feel like I’m in control and not my pain. I have a better understanding of my own body; the stressor’s and triggers to try and avoid flare-ups. Better mobility and flexibility in not only my neck but my back as well. With that being said I would recommend Dr. Paul to anyone and everyone I meet, he made such a difference in my life. Thank you so much!
— Kim J

2 years ago Dr. Lauren fixed an old neck wound that I had been living (in pain) with for 20+ years...So this year when Frozen Shoulder took me down, she was the first one I called. In one session, I had more movement in my arm than I had in a month. One month later and I am pretty much completely on the mend. This taught me one thing (okay, more than one)...Get regular adjustments!! I’ll be visiting Dr. Lauren on a monthly basis - just to keep this old body tuned up. Extremely professional and knowledgeable in her field.
— Kimberly D

I have brought both of my teenage daughters to Dr Paul for sports related injuries and he has helped them both greatly. He has fixed the main reason they had been going but has also fixed other issues that we weren’t aware of. I am very grateful that he has helped them to be pain free and that they can play their sports to their full potential. I love that he can relate to my daughters as athletes and understands their need to be healthy and strong.
I have also noticed a significant decrease in my youngest daughters’ headaches which was something we just thought she would have to live with. He has completely changed her quality of life.
I would recommend Dr Paul to anyone who is even considering a chiropractor, he is patient and takes the time to learn about each person. Thank you!
— Jennifer B

I had a shoulder injury over 20 years ago and whiplash twice. Over the years I saw 3 different Chiropractors and scores of doctors and their treatment helped very little. When I met Dr Lauren Cormier at a show at exhibition park I decided to give it one more chance. Well 5 days later, after getting the ex rays Laurin sent me for, she showed me what the issue was concerning my neck. The top two vertebra did not have the same distance between them on either side. Dr Lauren Cormier told me she could fix that if I would let her. I am so glad I agreed to let her snap my neck. She told me if I came back 3 times a week she could have me feeling a lot better. Well I did not realize the effect that first appointment had until about 5 minutes after it was over. It was then I realized my arm could move freely and without any pain. After 20 some odd years of having chronic shoulder pain in my right shoulder, I would like to thank Dr Lauren Cormier for finally being able to do what many doctors could not...make my shoulder pain free. I would highly recommend anyone who has issues that require a chiropractor give her a try. I really am thankful that I ran into her at her booth at exhibition park that day!
— David A

I have been to a number of Chiropractors in my 72 years but never have I been treated so throughly and completely than by Dr. Paul. In 8 short weeks he has brought me from walking the dog a half km using a cane to walking 6-8 km a day without pain ( and enjoying it too).
— Gord H

Highly recommend. I went to Dr Lauren a few months ago with all hope lost, I had been suffering with horrible pain in my wrist and hands for the last ten years. I had testing for carpal tunnel and had went to several doctors always leaving with no answers or solutions. As soon as I went to Dr Lauren she knew right away what the suspected issues were, she sent me for a x-ray and it came back with exactly what she expected the problem was. 10 years dealing with this and she fixed it within a few months! I can now play with my 2 year old son and enjoy the things in life that I had been missing out on. Dr Lauren you gave me my life back and I can not explain how grateful I am that I came to you
— Tiffany L

After putting off seeking treatment for my back problems and living with pain everyday for over 15 years I finally made an appointment with Dr. Paul to seek treatment. Before starting my treatments everyday chores would cause constant pain. Now I am able to do my every day activities without any pain and continue to see better results with each treatment. I would recommend for anyone experiencing back problems to visit Dr. Paul and feel the difference chiropractic can make for you.
— Colin A